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Alias Grace


Crime, Drama



CBC Television


Sarah Polley


Sarah Gadon, Edward Holcroft, Rebecca Liddiard, Zachary Levi, Kerr Logan, David Cronenberg



Before us is a really very curious series, which was presented to us by a rather good and talented director Mary Harron. Many may be familiar with her work, the most interesting, in my opinion, is the film “American Psycho”. In this case, the woman decided to take up the adaptation of a rather strong and powerful book by Margaret Atwood, which really was able to leave in me quite unexpected and contradictory feelings. So, we were presented with a rather curious, vivid, well-adjusted story that shows us the whole range of emotions, which is very well transferred to the screen. All the events that take place are very well complemented by clear, competent and unexpected dialogues that help us get to know the main character and her motives better. It is worth noting that the director once managed to present something similar to the audience’s court, when the main character was rather unusual and his thoughts aroused great interest. Only in that case, we knew exactly who would be the villain, and in this case, we will have to figure it out. After watching several episodes of this unexpected and rather dramatic project, one thought, quite unexpected for me, settled in me, I want to read this book and find out what points were omitted in the series. After watching this series, I got the feeling that Canadian laws were much stricter and more sophisticated even than in Britain itself. But at that time, Canada was subordinated to the English crown, only this did not change the essence of everything that was happening. The main character, Grace Marks, is represented by a very beautiful, charming and completely unhappy girl who has never seen anything good and kind in her life. I really felt very sorry for her, because no one deserves such an attitude and treatment of themselves, including her. Many initially will not understand her image at all, and this is not surprising, throughout the entire series we will get to know her, recognize her and draw our own conclusions. The plot itself consists in the main character talking with Dr. Jordan about what happened to her and how she lived before imprisonment. After all, killers are not born, they become killers. Who she was before all this, which made her cross the line, about all this she will be quite nice and kind to tell her interlocutor in the prison cell. For the doctor, her story turned out to be very interesting and curious, especially since he writes a scientific work on a similar topic, therefore he is trying to get to know Grace as a person, as a person, to understand her motives, which led her to death. But, she also managed to avoid this punishment, in return she received a really very weighty prison term. Her whole story, all her words are saturated with pain, her philosophy and mystery, so it was really interesting to listen to her. It was immediately evident that she was quite intelligent, quick-witted, friendly and very attractive person, with whom life had not done in the best way. She constantly wandered from one family to another, where no one considered her to be a person, they always called her names, insulted, humiliated and raised her hand, in general, they did everything they saw fit. To them, she was just a servant who could be controlled and ordered. Her own father also mocked her, beat her in a drunken stupor. And she seems to be lucky, she finds a kindred spirit in the person of another servant, but the world is harsh and she is deprived of even this little happiness. The heroine has absolutely nothing, no own things, clothes that she could take with her and go to work in another family, she does not even have her own opinion and birthday. It seems that she is completely unsuitable for this world, that she does not know where she came from and cannot adapt to it. She was constantly bullied, beaten, locked up in small dark rooms and forgot about her, not paying attention to the cries and cries for help. Her soul was blackened by all these actions and unpleasant words said to her. The people themselves made a beast out of her. The girl constantly walked sad and sad, because in the long run she had nothing to rejoice at and a smile appeared on her face extremely rarely. Everything is presented so unusual and interesting, all emotions and feelings are shown, that you simply cannot experience negative emotions for this character. Yes, her act is scary enough, but people themselves brought her to this. In this series, we will be able to look at the proposed situation from different angles, hear its version, understand what the doctor himself thinks about it and what our feelings are about this. She so competently, neatly tells all this that you involuntarily imbued with sympathy for her and involuntarily ask the question – who is right in this situation and who is guilty and how now it is necessary to act. And in order to find the answer to these questions, you need to completely immerse yourself in the plot and be imbued with it. Indeed, the main character should be reaped at the beginning of the series, in the middle, but what feelings will you experience at the very end.

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