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Satoshi Sakai, Daisuke Tokudo


Yuki Kaji, Yui Ishikawa, Marina Inoue, Kisho Taniyama, Hiro Shimono, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Shūhei Matsuda, Kiyomitsu Mizuuchi



The fourth season of the Japanese post-apocalyptic manga “Invasion of the Titans” returns the audience’s attention to the human world destroyed by carnivorous giants that eat people and are called Titans. This fictional universe is similar in its achievements and development to Medieval Europe. The city is protected by three walls Sina, Rosa and Maria, but even the triple ring of protection could not stop the cruel and eternally hungry humanoids. Their appearance is incomprehensible and disgusting to a person, the absence of any morality is alien, it is impossible to agree with them and it is practically impossible to resist. Over the past century, people have become physically tired and exhausted their capabilities.
There are several military units to protect people. The soldier is trained to fight and kill titans using a “spatial maneuvering device” called SPM for short. This device allows you to move in three-dimensional space and makes it possible to reach the only weak point of the titans – the base of the neck. The soldiers of the reconnaissance detachment make forays behind the walls, but the main defense is a huge wall and sword masters capable of inflicting a fatal blow even on such whoppers as Titans.

But not everything is so simple and among people, a long-standing historical deception was revealed. Past documents state that over a century ago, humans and giants had a common ancestor. The former king erected walls around his kingdom and erased the memory of the people, convincing them that the rest of humanity did not survive. The people divided by the wall began to feel hostile to each other. It has been four years since the scouts reached the seashore. Entries in the personal diary of Grisha Yeager made it clear to people that the kingdom opposed not only the Titans, but also other nationalities.

Hostilities between humans and Titans continue. One of the main characters of the anime “Invasion of the Titans” Eren opens up new possibilities, including the power that can control some Titans. Hange almost finished a weapon capable of destroying giants without human assistance. The scouts go to Rose’s wall directly to Shiganshina, but the main characters are in danger there, which becomes the main obstacle to the old house of Eren and Mikasa. There, in the old basement, there are answers to many questions about the Titans.

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