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Miriam Ingrid, Oliver Dufåker, Otto Fahlgren, Ulf Stenberg, Aliette Opheim, Tobias Zilliacus



The plot takes the audience to the town of Bjornstad. This small place in the province is experiencing sad moments in history. Decline and crisis are making themselves felt. The only bright spot in his life is the developing sport. The junior ice hockey team continues to delight fans with great victories. Young athletes have yet to prove their worth, because they will have a long-awaited meeting in the semifinal stage with their worst rivals. True, unexpectedly before the game the unthinkable happens: a crime has been committed in the city. The best hockey player ends up in the dock on charges of harassment and rape of the sports director’s daughter. The city, where everyone knows each other, froze in horror, awaiting a court decision. What really happened on that ill-fated evening? Is the team not going to compete now? Not reaching the final will be a big blow to the city as a whole. The financial issue may be more important for the leadership of Bjornstad than the moral …

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