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Amber Marshall, Chris Potter, Graham Wardle, Jessica Steen, Shaun Johnston, Michelle Morgan



“The Fleming family owns a ranch called Heartland in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, which is a home for neglected, battered and old horses. After mother Marion came to a tragic car accident, the 15-year-old Amy Fleming and her older sister Lou want to accept the inheritance and devote themselves to the care of the horses. They are supported by their grandfather Jack, but against the high mountain of debt burden on the ranch, he can do anything.
 Main Characters from Heartland – paradise for PferdeLou Fleming (Michelle Morgan) is the eldest daughter of the family and have long lives in New York. She has deliberately chosen the glamorous city life and turned his back on rural Canada. She is very pragmatic and wants to solve the financial problems, ignoring the wishes of the family or to place the welfare of the horses in the foreground.
 Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall) wants to continue the project heart of her mother. For this, the young girl has inherited the gift of her mother: She’s horse whisperer.
 Tim Fleming (Chris Potter) is the father of the two girls. He left the family years ago down to celebrate as a rodeo rider successes. After the death of his ex-wife, he tries to approach the daughters again.
 Ty Borden (Graham Wardle) is a young offender who works as part of his probation at the ranch. (JB)”

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