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Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama





Daina Reid, Blair Butler


Tom Austen, Sydney Lemmon, Elizabeth Marvel, Robert Wisdom, June Carryl, Ariana Guerra, Jesse James Baldwin, Deborah Van Valkenburgh



The plot of the film tells the story of the fate of the twins Damon and Ana Helstrom. They did not follow the path of their parents, deciding to serve good, not evil. The characters believed that their loved ones were terrible people. Mom went crazy, and dad was a serial killer, whose actions drove his wife to madness. Despite such a not very pleasant pedigree, the characters quickly realized that it was clearly not worth repeating previous mistakes. Damon and Ana, among other things, found a way to serve the forces of good. As it turned out, unique blood flows in their veins! The heroes have incredible superhuman abilities, which they have proved more than once to themselves. They combine the use of incredible skills and the usual daily activities. So, for example, Damon, being a professor of ethics, does not shy away from exorcism in the evenings in the form of an exorcist. Ana, in turn, is an auctioneer during the day, and at night turns into a monster hunter. She seeks to expel evil from our planet. What’s next for the main characters?

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