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Amir El Kacem, Amélia Lacquemant, Lionel Erdogan, Marilou Aussilloux, Julien Frison, Nina Tantimonaco



The series “Revolution” is a new look at the events associated with the great French Revolution. Even according to the school curriculum, we know what turned out to be and how this large-scale event began. However, everything that we have been taught can be turned upside down by the authors of this series. The spectacular fantastic drama of the year two thousand and twentieth unfolds before the audience, which offers a look at a different scenario. The plot takes viewers to France one thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven. A strange virus called “blue blood” is spreading among the numerous aristocrats. People who are infected with it fall into madness and attack people. Joseph Guillotin is trying to uncover the cause of such an epidemic. The virus can drive the country into a prolonged crisis. To put an end to the spread of the disease, people begin to gather in groups that oppose representatives of high society. This is how the familiar rebellion that claims to be realism begins in an alternative universe. What if everything happened exactly as described in this series?

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