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Made For Love


Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comedy





Patrick Somerville


Cristin Milioti, Billy Magnussen, Ray Romano, Dan Bakkedahl, Noma Dumezweni, Ed Galvez, Emily Rios



It is impossible to resist writing a review of a wonderful movie. Especially. That the topic is relevant for all thinking people. The theme of “all unreal”. Everything becomes unreal. Starting from food, ending with feelings and even love. Artificial world comes on us from all sides, from all the walls, ceiling and gender. Solid fakes, remixes, remake, imitation and fakes. Even the poems are obtained. So muse on our side. Only the Word emphasizes everything, without understanding these terms of fakes, which were also broken as the fakes themselves. So, the topic is affected by the sore for everyone. The whole generation has grown on the karaoke, who do not know what is the original and is it worth imitate it by reworking under his manner? Is it worth briefing Charlie Chaplin or “Seventeen moments”, to just raise on it … We work, which is not needed by anyone, she somehow brings profit, but does not promote anywhere, not a society itself, not civilization. Imitation of life – has become the life of many people. But life, then the real itself is not even bad in itself, just those who want to do it better, it becomes less and less. People do not want to strain – made virtual walls and sit in this Cuba, and who will be in reality to provide all this with real love, which even wants the one who invents these Cubes? Well done guys, a real Hollywood, or how these studios are now called, on which such a actual film is made. Thanks to the site that makes it possible to see the works of those who have not threw the brains with fake chips, through which fake people are observed.

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