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Allison Janney, Jaime Pressly, Beth Hall, William Fichtner, Mimi Kennedy, Kristen Johnston, Kevin Dunn



A funny and touching story of the misadventures of a young single mother struggling to become the “ideal” mother for her teenage daughter, who is going through a difficult period of growing up, and a young son, who is still in dire need of mother’s attention. It is not at all simple and far from easy questions of the relationship between representatives of different generations of the same family, which are revealed in the plots of the series with good irony and subtle teasing over our stereotyped ideas, complexes and behavioral stereotypes. Laughter causes precisely the similarity of the situations being played out to those that we ourselves experienced in one form or another. Even those of us who had happy and loving parents, exemplary and obedient children, who never needed anti-alcohol abstinence and had no problems with the use of “weed”, who had no relationship “on the side” and did not meet with married bosses. It is the recognition of situations and the exaggerated absurdity of what is happening on the screen that cause a kind smile and laughter, leaving a pleasant “aftertaste” after watching. Watching the series will brighten up a dull evening or fill a few hours of free time for someone who would like to give a little rest to the head from the endless cycle of their own daily problems and worries. Get distracted, relax, enjoy a not burdensome pastime, laugh heartily. Especially without straining, to discover a slight semblance of what is happening on the screen, to what in one form or another is present in your own life or the lives of people around you. To look with irony at what is happening in the “distorting mirror” of a serial story, to laugh at it kindly, perhaps to bring out some useful little things for yourself. If you love light, not burdensome, kind and funny, then this series is for you!


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