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, Sheila Hancock, Mark Womack



We all know Mads Mikelsen from his role in Hannibal. Well, we have to admit – this is its central role. However, in 2012 I would highlight another project with the participation of this actor. I present to your attention “The Hunt”, which impressed me, first of all, with its amazing acting and excellent plot. The authors immediately decide to intrigue the audience with a cool plot and not show their cards. Despite the fact that almost four years have passed since its release, the series wants to be watched even today. But this review is not about this series at all. Mads in the same year starred in another project, which was called “Move”. Perhaps I will not fool anyone if I say that this is the story of one actor. Two beautiful ladies play along to Mads, each of whom begins to act at different time intervals. One towards the end of the series, the other from the middle beginning. The rest of the characters turn out to be less important; they are more episodic or something. And not so stick to the eye, so to speak. Before us is a frank example, when everything rests on one actor alone. This means that innovation is not worth looking for here. A simple hackneyed plot, which tells that some special agent has to transfer a suitcase from point A to point B. Of course there is something important and secret. Details will be communicated in transit! The agent himself reminds me more not of James Bond, but of the Statham carrier. The same experienced, the same adult, the same strong, pugnacious and self-confident man who never dances and lives by principles. This will be a success among women, and any man will envy him! And of course, on the face of the poor main character, it is written that he is tired of such a life. His image clearly tells us that it’s time to tie, but neither the regrown hair, nor the gray beard, nor the tense look affect the main character in any way. He has a task that will be the last in his life. And he will fulfill it. It is, incidentally, the first in four years. The bosses are serious. It clearly wants the mission to be accomplished by any means. It is also felt that the hero’s fatigue affects the quality of his work. At least for watching, I counted a few jambs. Then something goes wrong with the case, then something else. So, here are some of his mistakes: he never recognized the Slovak girl-fellow traveler, who dropped the bag at the Opera, he walked around so much at a Hungarian wedding that he almost lost his life. He was lucky that the enemy was too inattentive, in other ways, like himself. the hero could not do without adventures on the road. He managed to arrange a number of car accidents. At the same time, he managed to knock down deer and people along the way. And after the car fell into the river, he was in the hospital unconscious. And of course he lost his suitcase. Well, the phrase that the hero is tired is constantly heard by me! They are always addressed to different people. But they always sound equally sad and dreary. However, forget about everything. The main character will definitely return the stolen case, he will definitely carry out his assignment, because he is the very agent who reminds me more of a superman ready for deeds. After parting with the cherished suitcase, nothing happened … that is, nothing at all … absolutely. He got freedom, but was he any happier about it? Complex issue. Perhaps this is the trick of the series. Is the super agent shown in front of us as a simple person who does his job? Or she is shown after each series of photos, names and surnames of people who took part in the filming, not being actors. They just sat in a cafe at adjacent tables, or passed by, or rode on a tram, or were depicted on posters. This is probably why the authors split the film into parts so that the audience was drawn into the story. The project was not that strong. He is normal. Middle. What really impressed me about it was the excellent musical background. The quality is just the highest score! Good electronic music with some Slavic influences. I would also like to say thanks to Linda Ortega, who simply splendidly performed the song at the beginning of the series. And I was very pleased that Mads Mikkelsen was driving the Niva (and he also moved the Lada, under which he hid his case). Nowhere and never will you see this again. Mads Mikkelsen made this show! He became purely his project, nobody else’s! I would like to recommend this project to all those who love this actor! Seven out of ten!

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