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“BoJack Horseman” is a main character who once was starring is a sitcom which was not appraised by the critics but was liked by viewership. Eighteen years ago the show was ceased, BoJack found no new job, so he gets drunk daily, watches episodes of his show on TV, sometimes gets out of the house to give vague interviews or meet few friends. Horseman dreams of writing biography to attract some attention but he does not take absence of literary talent and inborn laziness. Advance for the biography has already been spent, though. BoJack’s ex-girlfriend still helps him in solving his problems. If you can stand the first 20 minutes of animated series“BoJack Horseman” and get accustomed to outlandish characters and situations in general, you will watch it till the last episode’s minutes. Generally, it is a successive serious narrative about rebirth of the main character from a skeptic (who can not forget his past successes) and drinks alcohol by the ton (literally) to the one who will be able to live on, tackle his challenges and improve relations with the others. The fact the main lead is a horse, his agent is a cat and two friends are a penguin and a human does not mean anything. Viewers got accustomed to much more queer thing that this one.