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Neil Ross, Michael Ansara, Russi Taylor, Mona Marshall, Alan Oppenheimer, Michael Bell



Those who loved to watch the film “Rambo” as a child will watch this animated series with great pleasure. Before, after all, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean Claude Van Damme and, of course, Sylvester Stalonne were living legends. Seeing them on the screen, watching their interviews was so interesting. These were real stars, and now they are also favorite actors. But the image of the main character here is taken from Rambo. If you try to find the words that first come to mind when mentioning Rambo, then the first will be strength and justice, patriotism and will. The animated series turned out to be worthy and did not shame the honor of its hero in the least. Here Rambo is just as strong, with developed muscles, a red bandage, an open torso and a desire to deal with those who decide to violate America’s freedom. Our hero never retreats, he goes forward and the highest commanders of the United States know about it. And therefore, when a dangerous enemy arises, a helicopter flies to Rambo and through the megaphone one can hear “Rambo, your country needs you!” Of course, Rambo is one of those brave guys for whom honor and dignity are not empty words, and therefore he gets down to business. The storylines here are interesting, there is a lot of purely American dialogue, and therefore the viewing will be pleasant in every way. You will look at what is happening with nostalgia, in front of you there will be a team led by Rambo, who will show what Americans are capable of, well, and American women. After all, there is the heroine Kat, who, despite her beauty and grace, is capable of knocking out a large, pumped up man with one blow. The animated series looks like a movie, that is, there is nothing fictional here, the situation is quite realistic, and therefore you really believe that you are watching the movie “Rambo”, but only in an animated variation. By the way, Rambo is very similar to Stallone. I wish everyone a pleasant viewing. Cartoons were later filmed about many characters from the movie, but Rambo’s character is good because he is the same in the movie and in the cartoon. This is amazing!

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