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In the American series Supernatural season 13 another curse for the race of humanity itself, unwittingly, sends a brave but controversial Dean Winchester to Earth. Trying to get his mother back to the living world, he makes an unwise deal with Crowley, in exchange for never interfering again in the confrontation between God and the advancing Darkness. The situation with the return of the mother is aggravated by the fact that the opinion of the brothers about the advisability of the method used by the elder brother was divided. Now each of the Winchesters has his own supporters. The resurrected Metatron and the new prophet Donotello support Sam, and Castiel and Lucifer, driven out of him, are trying their best to help Dean. The purpose of one is to return parents from the world of the dead alive and unscathed, even if for this you have to destroy the whole world, and the other, having secured an alliance with the witches, tries to prevent the death of mankind. The problem of fathers and children is further aggravated by the love feeling that both brothers experience for the same person. Naturally, this brings certain adjustments in the fight against the demons.

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