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“Supernatural” season 14 the most popular mystical series created by Eric Kripke and has already managed to acquire the status of a cult. The basis for most of his series were legends about a variety of monsters, ghosts and spirits, as well as very free interpretation of biblical and near-biblical stories.
The show boasts a fascinating multi-faceted plot, elements of modern Western, unusual humor and a well-thought-out world. Here you will find creepy monsters, extremely charismatic characters, beautiful special effects, as well as stories that make the blood run cold. All this is the everyday life of monster hunters the inimitable the Winchester brothers. These are the main characters, who in combination are fearless, loyal to the family and charming thugs.
Sam and Dean Winchesters begin hunting monsters, following the family code. That’s what their father was doing until he died under mysterious circumstances. The tragic death of Sam and Dean’s mother marked the beginning of this tradition. When the brothers were very young, she burned, embraced by the flames of hell under the ceiling of the children’s room. The father of the boys John Winchester begins his own investigation into the death of his beloved and concludes that it could only be done by some evil otherworldly entity.
Obsessed with grief and a sense of revenge, the father begins a large scale hunt for the creature, raising his sons in Spartan conditions and preparing of them real hunters-ruthless and strong. After the mysterious disappearance of his father grown brothers decide to do the only thing they know how hunting monsters. Armed to the teeth and taking his father’s rarity Chevrolet Impala, they travel all over the States, looking for and methodically destroying the monsters that terrorize the locals.
Using the diary of his father and his own ingenuity, they are sent to the light of many werewolves, vampires, ghosts and other evil spirits. But all these “routine” cases, forget about your duty to find the demon that killed their mother, and revenge. But they had no idea what bets would soon be at stake and what roles they would play in the global battle between good and evil. This is how the brothers are entangled in a serious “showdown” of supernatural forces that seek to take over this world and are able to destroy the Universe in one fell swoop.

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