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The WB


Andrew Dabb, Robert Singer


Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Melanie Merkosky, Osric Chau



The final is already close. The adventures of Dean and Sam Winchesters are coming to an end. Many years ago, two youths went in search of a father, but came upon hordes of supernatural beings, in whose hands is the power over the world. The main characters had to survive the invasion of demons, defeat the most ancient Leviathans, repulse nature itself and become one of the few who dare to swindle at the representatives of the divine world who have forgotten about their true purpose. “Supernatural” returns to the screens with a new season, which promises to draw a line under the long journey of the Winchester brothers.
The series uses the mix of thematically independent “Monster-of-the Week” episodes and the prosecution of a red thread. The plot partly refers to well-known modern legends and myths of various religions.
The focus of the series are the brothers Dean and Sam Winchester, which combines a dark secret: 22 years ago, her mother was cruelly killed by a demon. Since then, her father John Winchester has made it his mission to hunt and kill supernatural beings that threaten the lives of innocents. In search of his wife’s murderer, he also trained his sons to become professional monster hunters.

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