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The Syndicate








Elizabeth Berrington, Lenny Henry, Melanie Hill, Cara Theobold, Richard Rankin, Anthony Andrews



Working at the supermarket was never easy, but still well paid, so Stuart and Jamie Bradley did not even think about her change. However, all good things come to an end: due to unsuccessful management decisions, a large store was on the verge of closing. In the plans of the heroes not to join the army of the unemployed, especially in a small town to find a new place quite difficult. But Stuart and his colleagues are faced with the fact that they all face dismissal. Bradley is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, because he needs to support his family, and his wife threatens divorce in case of any financial difficulties. Employees of the supermarket form a real syndicate and arrange a brainstorm , thinking about how to save the company from bankruptcy. They try to take some action, but it only worsens the situation and almost leads to the dismissal of the store Manager Bob. And when the ruin already seems inevitable, a huge wealth falls on the heads of the heroes – 18 million pounds, won the lottery. Stuart and his friends are confused: how to dispose of such a stunning sum? First, they want to give it to the owner of the supermarket to improve its financial situation. But then colleagues are overcome with temptations: maybe you should keep the money and never think about finding a job? Fluctuations lucky continue for a long time and lead to an unexpected outcome…

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