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We are in front of us, where mother got pregnant despite his already quite mature age and two adult children. These people after the collapse of their lives were able to start a new one in the house of a rich family. The carrier, in the house there are once rich people, and now exactly as well as They themselves trying to get out, survive in crisis. And today, Americans come to Lord, these are invited guests of his wife, with their help she wants to get out of the debt pit. And after all, a family is not able to provide a huge house in which living. Living a long time. dissolved, only one cook remained, and she is not particularly satisfied with his position. The only one keeps it here, this is what she’s familiar with this family from the very beginning and passed through their lives. And it’s unpleasant to see how the Lord Heerwould fits them Wonderful house, family. But life is such an amazing thing that any turns of fate are possible in it. In the Lord family, not everything is smooth, but his son spends the last savings on expensive cars, keeps the port of expensive Yachtu. This is greatly withdrawing the servants and friends of this house. So, they cannot be called servants, they are already members of their families who did not throw Lord and his wife in a difficult minute. One of the servants of Godfrey calculated all lines in the lottery It is seen that they are waiting for luck. It is trying to convince them to invest in this lottery. And the son of Lord Spencer is always trying to drag the daughter of the servants of Emmy, who wants to leave this town and become the model. In the family of Lord, everything is very difficult, their duty is unbearably huge, And the wife is trying to let the dust in the eyes of the surrounding. The helicopter flew away, these are the most Americans who are waiting in the Lord family. The Americans flew to England, such a misty, cold but they are interesting. Lady Hesselwood goes to celebrate his guests, but does not suspect that Her husband is not happy with them. But this meeting will pass at all. It is not clear. Of course, the series is absolutely impressive. He is embodied by all England, their restraint, culture and modernity. It is like it gets along in the modern world, despite its title, invoked Solinity over the surrounding. Do not change, the Americans of whom meets the Count family are completely far from all this etiquette and pompous, they just got rich in thick waists and only. And Lady Hesselwood is forced to get out of the skin in front of them if they were well thought about them. And those in their own The queue dragged with them a whole company of friends, which is naturally unexpectedly for the Lord family. The american came here to devote themselves to the hunt, the English is what she was at all times, and then they will go to Ireland. This is not very interested in the owners. The most amazing is the victory in The lottery that Homanfrey’s servant foresaw was not calculated when he guess the following combination. And this is a success for them all, a hazardous existence on Roven with Lord and his wife.

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