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Crime, Drama





Nico Moolenaar


Tom Waes, Manou Kersting, Wim Willaert, Sebastien Dewaele, Jeroen Van der Ven, Frank Lammers, Frank Lammers



The undercover crime drama series introduces us to a criminal named Ferry Bauman. He manages to establish a hidden traffic for the transport and sale of drugs between Belgium and the Netherlands. This allows him to become one of the most powerful criminals of his time. Having enriched himself, he is in no hurry to spend the money obtained by illegal means. Ferry lives in a summer house that was specially built next to his villa. It is here that he turns his criminal affairs.

There is no way the authorities can arrest Ferry. But everything changes after police officers from Belgium and the Netherlands decide to join forces. Together they are going to stop a dangerous drug dealer. To do this, they introduce their agents into the campground, who will have to work undercover.

In the center of the history of the crime drama series “Undercover”, the voiced episodes of which you can watch on our website online, are police officers who were tasked to infiltrate Ferry’s gang in order to find compromising evidence on him. But will they be able to achieve success and not give themselves away? The stakes are too high.

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