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Wonder Woman


Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Drama





Stanley Ralph Ross, Barry Crane


Lynda Carter, Lyle Waggoner, Richard Eastham, Beatrice Colen, John Randolph, Bradford Dillman



Inside every woman lives a superhero who is capable of performing the most incredible feats. A woman is extremely hardy and may not sleep for days, taking care of her child. At the same time, she spares no effort for her man, family, home, friends, and even scientists find it difficult to understand where she gets such a fantastic boost of energy. With a word of wisdom and tenderness, she can calm the most violent opponents and even stop wars, if she so wishes. Women have always been a catalyst for global change and, having no weapons in their hands, except for their own extraordinary charm and cunning, they always achieved their goal, if they knew exactly what their final goal was. And this is just an ordinary woman, born without unique super powers and superpowers …
The main heroine of the fantasy action adventure “Wonder Woman” 1984 online, from early childhood was a mischievous and energetic girl, but she was completely unaware of her true divine nature. Diana Prince was born on the island of Temiskira, closed to tourism and human eyes, the abode of the Amazons. Since there was not a single male representative, children were not to be found there either. The only baby was the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, and she explained to the girl that she blinded her out of clay and cried out all her eyes, until Zeus took pity on her and breathed life and heartbeat into the lump. Due to the absence of other children, the only entertainment of little Diana was once again to run away from the lost vigilance governess on the training field and repeat all the fighting movements that the muscular warrior girls practice. Hippolyta tried with all her might to save her child from the fate of the other Amazons, but the wayward Diana persuaded the Queen’s sister Antiope to train her like all other skillful mentors.

As time went on, the mother realized that it was impossible to save a child born to fight for good, and she ordered her sister to teach her with triple severity and cruelty than all the other Amazon students. Once, unable to withstand the next pressure from the aunt-general, the girl first discovers her superpower, crossing her wrist bracelets in anger. She releases a super-powerful shock wave kinotochka.co and scatters all the women across the clearing, followed by Diana watching a wounded military plane fall into the sea and for the first time in her life sees a male representative, whom she had previously read about only in a book. Following Steve, German soldiers fly, eager for his death. The situation ends tragically, as saving her niece from the bullet, Antiope covers Diana with his own body and dies. Thanks to Diana, Steve is given life, and the girl decides to escape with him in order to get to the God of War Ares and destroy the fiend of evil.

The couple ends up in London and Trevor has a very hard time, because the new acquaintance does not at all understand the role of women in modern society. She walks half-naked, has her own impudent opinion, is always ready to bare her weapon and does not at all observe any limits of decency. Once at a meeting about a truce with Germany, Prince translates the diary of Dr. Poison, obtained by a spy friend, from ancient Sumerian, where it is written that the evil lady and General Ludendorff have invented a way to destroy enemies with gas, even if they pulled on a gas mask. Senior management refuses Steve’s request to send him to the front, which causes Diana to have a terrible scandal. After a while, the spy explains that in his world, people are always deceiving, and the fact that he pretended to obey does not mean that they will not go to the Western Front.

Wonder Woman season 1 full tv show episodes

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